Display name change


Okay, so, I’ve seen in a couple of episodes where character display names change. For example, a character named “Stranger” is changed to the character name “Max”. Or a character with no display name at all, can change the display name once they introduce themselves. I’m new, so can anybody help?


You have to make two characters, with same looks. Just keep one’s display name as Stranger and one as the actual name.
When you want to show the character with the actual name just remove the Character you called Stranger and replace it with the Actual character in the same spot.


@Ambrosian, your question requires separate answers.

"Stranger" turns to “Max”: this would likely require making Max a “twin” of Stranger – creating an identical character. When Stranger becomes Max in the story, you simply swap one out for the other in your script.

If Stranger is a customized character, there’s a somewhat complex way to handle that on episodelife.com’s Limelight Female Customize Character Script Template page. See the ‘NOTE Family Members’ heading.

No character name at all: on the character settings page, simply delete the text in the ‘Display Name’ input box and save.


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I did not plan to have a character named Max, but thanks anyway :stuck_out_tongue: