Display name - what are your thoughts?

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I had a thought about the display name for a character, which I need help deciding on. This character is the mother of a main character in my story. (info: She does not play a major role).
I have her name as a display name. However, the reader knowing her name doesn’t matter at all, and her name is never mentioned or is relevant.

Should her display name be …

  • Blank
  • Her name (as it is now)
  • or CHARACTER’s mother?

What do you think? Do you find it difficult when you’re reading a story and having to remember each character’s name?

TIA. (:

It should be CHARACTER’S mom. Thats the best in my opinion. I f you use just her name, it would be longer to find out the role she plays. Hope this helped!! :smiley:

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If you say it doesn’t matter at all if you don’t know her name, then you already have your answer.

As to remembering names … it depends on how many characters there are in your story and how similar their names are.

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