Disrespect in the Art Community


I am sick and tired of seeing people cry about artists not accepting requests or denying people.

I myself have experienced disrespect from people in the community.

I just wanted to let you guys know that we’re humans too. We have agendas. We have lives. And we’re not just magical machines that give you art pieces a week later.

It’s OUR TIME and OUR LIVES, we have every right to deny people’s requests or close our commissions/requests.

I have 13 year olds in my messages asking me to make them art scenes for a poorly written episode story that makes English teachers Howl. I’m not going to spends weeks making you an art scene for you to simply slap on your cover to get reads. I want to work with someone who puts just as much effort into their work as I do mine.

I’ve been cussed at and insulted for rejecting requests. Other people in the episode community is calling us entitlted and spoiled for not doing requests.

That’s so stupid. Put yourself in our shoes for once. Sit there hours on end drawing something amazing. You’d want your pride and joy to be used correctly, wouldn’t you? You worked so hard on it.

Some requests never fall through. It’s like you make art and they either don’t use it or it falls into the depths of the void. Hours of work.

Just please treat artists with kindness and understand their situation.
We don’t owe anybody anything.


This goes for digital artists, editors, helpers etc.
We all take time out of our day to create art.
Treat us with respect.




So true, I’m no an artist and will never be one, and I agree with you. :heart:


I agree with what you’re saying but all jokes aside that bit that you wrote made me laugh so much lmaoooo hahaha



When I was doing requests, I once encountered a girl on IG basically demanding and dictating what I must do to make her edit :roll_eyes:
To make it more insulting she thought the best way of putting her demands across was to send each detail via a separate message. So I ended up with about 20 messages with each sentence starting with I want it like this… No please. No thank you, nothing.
Obviously I then chose not to respond, had I known that was the way she thought was best to speak to me I would have never accepted it in the first place.

She was the start of many others which then led to me deciding I was no longer going to do requests.


Unfortunately there’s a lot of disrespect in the community in general lately. I’ve stayed in my own corner and avoided it all because it’s just exhausting to look at.

I completely understand what you mean and agree with it all. Artists/editors spent hours of their free time to make art usually for free. This is also another reason I don’t allow CC in my story. I have quite a few edits/art type things that I use for my story and on Instagram. I want the things people made for me to reflect the characters I made but it doesn’t stop the wave of messages asking for CC even though I’ve addressed this numerous times :persevere:



This is so accurate like I hate it when requesters can’t be patient. I have my own life and making covers and edits is not my job and I don’t get paid for it. I’m sick of requesters being impatient and not understanding that we have personal lives and all our time revolves around there certain edit. Like just be patient and wait. It just gets me really annoyed and I don’t wanna explain my whole life story to them about y I can’t do their edit at that precise moment. I HAVE A LIFE ASWELL AND THERES ONLY SO MUCH TIME I HAVE . I respect this thread so much and honestly totally agree with you :revolving_hearts: This was an issue that needed to be brung up :revolving_hearts:


Well I am no artist but I write and I have seen many arts… and I appreciate everything one of you who put so much effort on their work… we do to… I know some ppl who don’t work so much on their work but demands high from others and having such requests must be exhausting and but I can understand. I respect every one of you… who put so much effort… not only artist but every one who put so much effort. When ever I see your work I am like I wish I could do it too… thank you for your efforts guys… to all the artists out there…


I agree.


I may not be an artist, but I completely agree with you! :two_hearts: The members of the art community should get more respect and praise for what they’re doing! I wish all the best for the art community :blush::heart:.


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Sorry to hear that a lot of you have had such a negative experience in this community.

Unfortunately, those people are always going to exist. Even if you try to explain to them how busy your schedule is or your reasoning for not doing something, some people don’t register it and could care less as long as you give them what they want. If anything, they’re the ones acting entitled. After all, the artists are helping them improve their stories and often do it free of charge.

I’m tired of the disrespect, and how ungrateful and demanding some people here can be. It makes me regret sharing my work in the first place and uninterested in helping out the community.

I don’t even understand how this issue has gotten out of hand recently. But some of these requesters really ought to think about the affect their nasty behavior has on others.


Yes! The disrespect and entitlement of some people is too much sometimes. I see it all the time on here with people constantly asking if things they request are done even when its been like less than a day.

I’m not even an editor but I like joining outline contests and doing edits for fun on Instagram and have had some rude people get pissy with me when I said I don’t take requests or trades. I even have it on my profile that I don’t do these things but still get messages about it all the time. Most of the people don’t even follow me either but expect me to do it for them because they asked :woman_facepalming:.


This thread makes me so sad. Artists, you deserve better. :sweat::pensive: Some people can be such brats.