|Disscusion| ~ Declawing cats :cat_typing:

Since this is in the General Chat section I wanted to share something for awhile, I was going to make a topic regarding this but to those of you who didn’t know I’m from Long Island, New York and recently I discovered this…

I just thought this was amazing, since I’m quite the cat person and overall animal lover. And also declawing cats harms them physically (Well duh)and mentally, I think its amazing that they’re banning Well, for us lucky New Yorkers this and I hope more states will join us as well :relaxed:

What do you guys think?

  • I’m a animal person, and this is amazing!
  • Cats FTW
  • Nah, not really into cats, but this is still amazeballs.

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Also, this is not a thread concerning politics! You will be flagged.


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I live in New York and I never heard of that! That’s amazing!


Nice! :clap:

I checked and cat declawing isn’t illegal where I live. :frowning_face: But I’m pretty sure the vet would look at you like:


Side rant

Get a pet that fits with your lifestyle, don’t force a pet to fit with your lifestyle.

Want a pet that won’t scratch the furniture? Get a rabbit, rodent, reptile, fish, or maybe dog I’ve never had a dog, idk how much they scratch lmao.

This goes for anything.
Want a vegan pet? Rabbits, rodents, or birds.
Cuddly, loving, active pet? Dog.
Silent pet? Reptile or fish.
Pet that doesn’t need to go on long walks? Cat, rabbit, rodent, bird, reptile, fish, etc.
Pet that eats infrequent large meals rather than frequent small ones? Reptile or tarantula.
“A dog but like not super active”? Adopt an elderly dog, not a puppy.

Don’t go clipping parts off your pets or neglecting their needs when there are other kinds of pets that suit you better. :angry:


Cuddly, loving, active pets : CATS TOO!
they are loving and active


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