Disscussion: Have you or would you have a friend or family member read you story?

Have you had a family member/ friend (not someone you met in the community) read your story? If so how was the experience, did they find it weird or did they enjoy it?
Would you have a family member/ friend (not someone you met in the community) read your story? If so would it be when your story is published or prior?

I have done this, yesterday. I had my dad read my story and this is what happened:
(I asked for constructive criticism)
He entered the chapter and I HAD this intro wha=ere I kinda gave you the characters detail and my dad was like, “when I first met someone I’m not going to go, hey my name is (my dad’s name) and I am a person of this species, with something such powers, who works at this area, at this address. Also, I’m a _______ yr old male and an Aquarius, who was born on this date. Oh and while we’re at it here’s my social security number, address, and credit card info. Hope you don’t rob me.”

Let just say I got rid of that portion of my story, but I see what he means.

Then we got to a part where I had this dialouge that was supposed to sound mythical and my dad said “what is Universum” Me: it’s Latin for universe my dad “are you Latin and how would I know that if you don’t tell me, your not even taking latin classes.”

I now have a readers message that says it.

Then I got to the character customization part and my dad turned my mc to a person with a pink haired afro, ice blue eyes, alienated skin color and some bush eye brows. Then at the end of the reading my chapter he procceded to say “what type of prince looks like that isn’t he supposed to be a vampire, why does he look like an alien”

Lastly, during this important scene some character in my story tells the prince to make a outh and sit down. My dad said “who do these old people think hey are I’m a prince, no one tells me where to sit, how rude, I wish I could kick these people out of my kingdom” And then I also mentioned soemthing about mates, and he said who cares which was the eaxt thing I was going for. Tough I did accidently say my MC has a kinda mate and my dad said “A kinda mate is what some says when there a cheater and or a non-commited person aka a player” “what type of story are you writing” I tried to expalin the different realm portion and he said " sure “shes in a different realm” like someone would believe that he’s just a cheating man who’s un-committed"

Note: no my dad not dumb if you were wondering he was just ‘pulling my leg’ and getting on my nerves. (My brain and story could only take so much so I pretended I didn’t have a chapter two yet)

I did get some good feedback though and edited my story. Anyways share your story if you want, I thought it would be nice to see if anyone else has done this or would.


I would have a friend outside of the community read my stories but only because I know they have quite high standards and they could give me the perspective of someone from the outside which is impossible for me to see through my own eyes. I’d only let them see the end product though because that what all of the aesthetics, hard work, planning (sometimes) has gone into the most and ultimately, I want their perspective on that.

Family though? Noooo way. They’re not as accepting of my hobby and writing passions, nor do they even understand what they’re looking at since most of them are older folks. They mainly think of it as some silly time-wasting cartoon.


I used to ask my sister to read my new chapters. She would help me with minor errors and stuff. I don’t ask her anymore though, as we don’t talk anymore.

It was scary but she was nice about it at first. She knew it was important to me so she didn’t mind reading them. However, she has since then brought it up in a way to kind of make fun of me, so I keep it private.

My mom knows about episode but she really doesn’t understand it at all lol. I would never ever ask her to read my stories. That would be horrifying :joy:

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I wanted my sister to read the first chapter of my story before I published. And I’m not kidding, two/three scenes in, she’d managed to insult every single character that came onscreen. At that point I was just like, yeah whatever, screw you, don’t read it. Then I snatched my phone and left the room.
That was so annoying now that I look back at it again.

My parents know about me being on episode, and my mother knows what kind of story I’m writing. Naturally, there are curse words in it, so I could never ever let her read it cause she has zero tolerance for swearing. She’s asked to read it a bunch of times, and while I code she asks me to explain certain command lines. But I’ve never let her read my work on episode. :joy::joy:

Also, 3 of my irl friends have read my story. I’m not sure if one’s actually read it or not. But another one of them read it with me. And she was actually PROPERLY invested in it. I mean, she threw maybe two insults while we were reading, but it was really good to bounce it off her.
So yes, I only trust that one friend with my episode life :joy:

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I ask my friends when I come up with an idea. They also like to read the chapters so I let them :hugs:

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I think it’s great that you were able to ask him and he was accepting of this hobby of yours. He’s your dad. Do his comments really surprise you?

I must agree with the intro. I dislike when stories start by introducing characters. And cc, well, that’s always the risk. You can limit cc and annoy some readers. Or you can add cc again in chapter 2, so if people aren’t happy, they can change it.
I’ve done the same. Cc a character and then find out their look doesn’t suit their personality.

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I would have my mom read my story and had before just to proof read it so most likely yes.


I would never let my parents read my stories because we’re not really supposed to cus in our house-
My cousin @Ciley has read one or two of them though.


They were a bit shocking but I asked for honesty, I was mostly upset he destroyed my character in front of me and then proceeded to ask why the character looks so weird. I don’t mind other people doing CC I just mind when it’s done in front of me. But yeah that’s a good idea to have it in the second chapter instead.

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I would never EVER let my parents read my story! HELL TO THE NO! My story is full of spicy scenes and I KNOW for a fact that I would die of embarrassment if they even look at my story. Plus my mom and dad will be suspicious thinking where the hell I learned about sex and stuff.


Plus my mom and dad will be suspicious thinking where the hell I learned about sex and stuff.

Ugh, my words exactly :neutral_face:


Only my mum and my sister know that I’m writing stories but not on Episode, and I don’t let them reading my stories. Even though my mum asked me many times to read my stories but I don’t let her. :joy: :joy: My friends don’t know about my hobby as they don’t like reading stories.


I was very embarrassed as my dad read that chapter had no steamy scenes nor kissing, other wise I would die from embarrassment too. I would most likely not have my mom read it because she would make my characters looks feel embarrassing with things like “why such and ugly old man” or “what a hottie if only he was in real life” (just thinking about it I feel embarrassed)


No comment.


I mean, she does knows about me writing on episode and has actually helped me with my story plot a bit. Since my first chapter is most likely available for her to read and doesn’t have any sexual related stuff on that chapter, I’d would most likely want to hear her thoughts. Tbh, I would just leave out any steamy scenes because I think I had got embarrassed by my mom plenty of times so yeah, I most likely agree with you.


In school I would read episode stories because yeah, and my friends would say things like “you still read episode” because there to “”“grown”"" for episode and they read more “”“advanced”"" things like bit life, except they are in there teens and bit life is mature rated.


lmao if I had my sister read my story she would destroy it (cause she’s a professional writing major) but that’s precisely why I feel like I have her skills to write a pretty good story. But she IS helping me with two of my stories which are not out yet.
I just feel like I’d feel embarrassed if she read my stories that are on the app though :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:

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I have not but I would only consider making my sister read it. I do romance so showing it to someone I know personally in real life would be embarrassing.


Ah well, that is tough then. I suggest being honest with him about his approach.
And don’t be afraid to ask him again. He did take the time to read it for you. This might be something you can do together.
But yes. Make the changes that make sense to you. Stand your ground on what you feel needs to stay. After all, it’s your story. And I expect he would respect that you listened and made your own conclusions.
And if I’m reading this wrong and you don’t feel validated, it’s okay not to ask him again.
You know your dad best.

I feel like my dad was being a bit judgy but got what he meant. I was honest with him though. I do feel like he was giving constructive criticism just the way he said it, It was a bit laughable/ annoying. Thank you though :blush:

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That’s good. I get he probably didn’t take it as seriously as you do. And he needed to know this was important to you.

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