Hey loves,

Haven’t made a forum in some days, that I really put “Thought” into. I’m just going tell you guys, some stuff real quick then we can get onto the actual discussion. Okay it’s not really important and you guys probs don’t care but I formed an art group! The official account for it @LovelyShishtarArt you can message that account for fun and maybe even request! I’ll post the forum for requests late tomorrow or after tomorrow.

The Real Discussion

Okay, I know wow, very dramatic. Lately I have really been into the “overall” look. mostly like overall dresses and just normal overalls in general. I always really liked them just recently, i’ve been finding them very cute. So I think episode should add overalls, I know this is pointless but I mean it’s a better clothing idea than barista clothingg. Throwing shade… Okay anyways, yeah I just think it’d be a cute addition, and yeah that’s really it.


Add the art shop acc: @LovelyShishtarArt

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