Diverse casual wear for LL

Hi all!!

I have started this thread to share my perspective on the lack of choice and personality within the design features of the characters. These include things like clothes and hair.

I recently was going through and trying out the LL style, creating characters and dressing them up in multiple different styles of clothing and different hair styles etc. What I found was how little diversity personality wise in the clothing section and features section. When I create a character, I have a specific image of them in my head about the kind of clothes they will wear and how they will look. I attempted to make a cute character, someone who was somewhat stylish, but preferred things simple, modest and didn’t wear anything particularly stylish. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the LL outfits have so much stylish clothing but not much of the basic clothing, the basic tees and jeans. There wasn’t very mature outfits either and I struggled to find something for a character in their late 20’s who wouldn’t wear something cropped and would probably go with more of a blouse and nice pants kind of combo. The style is great and I can’t wait for what’s to come just some suggestions that I believe will make the style more inclusive and will support authors in developing their characters personality. :blush:
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