Diverse Character Appreciation Thread!


The reason I have the two of these instead of just one is because I think Claire is so freaking’ cute lol. In the first one, she was excited, so she went EEEEEEE and Dad was like, “I’m glad you’re excited, but there’s other customers here lol” And then that screenshot. I love these two because Claire is an autistic girl that can’t speak and she is Japanese American, really cute and sweet and despite what other people think about autism, Claire is still a teenager that behaves like a normal teenager.

Her Dad, John Fields is the Dad she spends most time with. She also has Pop or Pop-pop, lol. He is very kind and considerate and supportive and patient with Claire. He helps Claire the most, keeping her calm when something upsets her.

This little girl is Glitter. Her father calls her Elizabeth, and Claire helps her and babysits her, falling in love with her really quick, because how could you not? She is so sweet! Earlier, she asked Claire, “Why don’t you look like your dad?” And she explained adoption to her and she loved that idea. Lol

From the story: Silent Voice


Ahhh what an amazing selection of characters thank you!!


Silent Voice is my favorite story. LOL


I have seen it around the app and it looks like a very good read indeed


I love that story! It’s so nice. I was planning on reading it again


I love Ahmed. LOL I was going to get a screenshot of him, too, but I wanted a better one…>.> lol


I love both of the love interest :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I was too obsessed with that story. It used to be the only thing I read


These are characters from a story called Sharing the Gospel by @leslieloo

It is one of my favorite stories, but it is currently on hold.

At the top, the minister is Miss Barbara, a devout Christian woman at the main characters’ church. I wanted to get an image of the main character’s sister Katie (she was adopted into her family), but I accidentally tapped ahead of the screen I wanted to capture >.> So I settled for this one. I don’t know much about Barbara at this point.

The girl with the curly blonde hair is the main character. She’s a singer/songwriter that loves Jesus as her lord and savior and she uses her gift from God to inspire people with her music! She’s a college student and goes with a girl named Charlotte who questions her faith, sometimes kinda meanly. Jared is her boyfriend, the youth minister. He’s a sweet guy with a decent set of pipes himself. He’s kinda sensitive, too. LOL The two of them are happy happy people! And I love it <3

Camille is the girl on the second image to the right. She’s babysitting her nephew, Pedro, who is giving Jared a hard time in the classroom at church. She’s trying to take care of him and steer him on a better path. He’s not like…a terrible kid, just a bit of a trouble maker. He’ll be able to be saved, and I hope Leslie Loo goes that way! ^^

I love it because it goes to show you that Christians don’t think we’re perfect people, and even when someone who is very, very religious, they’re still regular humans, too who do regular stuff.

When we are so open about being Christian, not even just Christians, I think it speaks for ALL religious people that they are ridiculed for their faith by a few people. This story is so close to home for me.


Hey thanks so much for sharing this! It means so much to me! I’m glad it inspired you! That’s my goal! Hopefully, during winter break, I will be updating more to the story. Again, thanks for sharing my story! You’re awesome!


I love it. I’ve read it three times. I noticed the updates ^^


ayyee represent




Thanks very much Jenna!