Diversity as a Selling Point


So I’ve been seeing quite a lot of people promote their stories with diversity as a selling point. This is a really not talked about topic and I wanted to hear everyone’s opinions.

I personally feel that this isn’t right and it pisses me off, why would you use diversity the advertise your story, the same way people put full CC or Minigames? To top it off most of the stories that have diversity on them have a Caucasian/white MC. That’s not diverse.


I agree with you.

It shouldn’t be used to advertise stories unless it’s actually diverse. Even then, personally I feel like that isn’t right.
What’s sad is that people actually do advertise like this because it’s “not a normal” as well. It’s kinda annoying.


I dont see an issue with it, cause if you’re looking for a diverse story wouldn’t that help you find what you’re looking for? I’m usually more inclined to click on stories with ‘diverse’ in the description cause that’s what I like to read.

If I’m looking for a diverse story I’m not gonna skim through a bunch of ‘50 shades of beige’ stories to find a diverse one. I’d much rather have a way of telling before having to read it


You make a good point but what I’m saying is that stories should have diversity already, diversity is a normal thing in all countries and it should be normalized instead of having it to sell your story.


Personally, I love to see diversity in stories.
However just because the MC is white doesn’t necessarily mean that the rest of the story is going to dismiss representation of other races, and it’s not fair to assume based on one character.
However, I will say that I don’t support people who will exploit diversity in order to make more profit, it shouldn’t be something added solely because of the fame or advertising, but something added to represent us all as regular humans.


I get that, it shouldn’t be added for reads but unfortunately these stories are hard to find, if all stories had diversity which they should, that wouldn’t be necessary. But it’s simply not the case right now. So it helps me out quite a bit.


I was just starting to disagree with you…until I got to the part where you said :

:speaking_head: :speaking_head: :speaking_head: :speaking_head: :speaking_head:

Tbh, the only reason I would even think about reading a story that claims to have diversity is if I am actively looking to read a legitimately diverse story. And if the MC is NOT actually diverse, you have just made me waste a whole pass out here in these streets!!! :rage: :triumph:



My mc is Caucasian BUT I feel like we don’t have much of arab representation so she speaks Arabic :eye::eye:

Ima be honest here from what I’ve seen the mc is literally the only character with no talent :neutral_face: or spark in her it’s like :neutral_face: what?


I died a thousands deaths!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


my stories have a lot of diversity, but I dont advatise them as such, because diversity dosent make a story good. amazing movies and shows with 100% white cast exist, I have also seen a lot of asian mostly korean shows, they are also really amazing. Parasite won two Oscars, with its Asian cast.

if you feel like you need to make diversity a selling point of your story, it’s properly not a good story.

but just for a note, having a white MC dosent mean it’s not diverse. diversity dosent mean no white people, it means a lot of different people.

example of a movie called diverse when it is not, black panther, it’s an amazing movie, but it’s not diverse, all the cast are black with a few token white people, that is not diversity. its an amazing movie with a black cast which are more rare then it should be.


I don’t think having a white MC means that a story is any less diverse but I can see why you’d think that. Honestly, diversity should be a given and there’s no need to advertise it as such.


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I agree but in my town there isn’t much diversity, that also means that there’s one POC in every few classes and unless your non religious, pretty much the only religion is Christianity.

Therefore when it comes to me trying to write a story with diverse characters I struggle a bit since I’ve really only grown up around white people / Christians / non-religious people.

I get what you mean though how it should be normalized.


I feel you, and it makes me upset as well. Diversity shouldn’t be used as a form of clickbait so to speak. Honestly, all stories should have some form of diversity in it whether it’s different cultures, religions, races of people and etc. Why wouldn’t a story have a mixture of different personalities and characteristics? But unfortunately, there are stories out on the Episode app that are like that.


THIS :clap:t4: is the real issue!!! The clickbait to lure people into reading the story based off the code-word “diversity”, where the real intention is to get people to read the story regardless of whether there is substantial representation of diversity in the actual story or not. There may be shades of diversity, but the intention was to get your attention and target anyone who is looking for diverse stories.


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