Diversity Feedback ✨


Although Episode come a long way from its humble beginning, especially in terms of diversity, minorities, religions, are still not properly represented or recognized.

This thread is a tool to help you…

  • Include more diversity in your story
  • Understand stereotypes aren’t reality
  • Identify offensive representation and correct it
  • Find example of stories that understand diversity and how to use it

White, straight, or cis-gendered shouldn’t be the default. We might not be able to prove that to the entire world, but we can start with Episode.

Leave question, thoughts, and advice. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Perceived Racism On Episode (An open thread)
Perceived Racism On Episode (An open thread)

I don’t have any questions right now, but I’d like to acknowledge that that line is so beautiful. As for advise I would say that if you want to accurately represent a culture/race/religion/sexuality etc. that you aren’t apart of the best thing to do is make sure your characters are fully fleshed out human beings with thoughts and feeling and a personality separate from insert-historically-shat upon-group-here.


Thank you!:sparkles: I completely agree. Most stories use POCs as token characters, there to make the story more interesting and decorative. They should have goals, thoughts, and personality like the people they’re meant to represent.


I think it’s good but with diversity authors write what they know.
If the writer hasn’t met a gay or a Muslim before and only go by what they’ve seen in the media that charcter will end up being a stereotype.

Diversity should fit the story shouldn’t actually stand out at all should flow naturally.
The biggest thing is don’t write what you don’t know unless the author is willing to do a lot of research that way it avoid stereotypes which majority of authors won’t do.



Please provide your diversity feedback in it’s original thread. Thanks.