Diversity in Bodies

Lack of Diversity in Body Types

For male characters, there are 5 body physiques. Female, Athletic, Generic, Slim, and Soft. Though this is decent, there is no plus size options for male characters. There is only one default height, though this can be sort of adjusted in spot directing.

For female characters, there are only 3 body physiques. Athletic, Generic, and Soft. Female characters do however have two available body types. Medium-Skinny and Plus Sized. There is also only one generic bra-size for medium skinny, and only one generic bra-size for plus sized. There is also only one default height, though this can be sort of adjusted in spot directing.

The issues I find with this: There should be a variety of different body shapes, types, heights, etc. for both male and female. Ex, body types: Skinny, Medium-Skinny (the “default” episode body type), Mid-Sized (which would be about the size of the episode default plus-sized body type), and Plus-Sized (which would be slightly larger than the current plus-sized episode body). Ex, body shapes (these would be available for all body types): Pear Shaped, Apple-Shaped, Inverted-Triangle Shaped, Square-Shaped, Slight-Hourglass Shaped, and Full Hourglass Shaped. (I couldn’t think of any more body types but I’m sure there are more.) Ex. heights: I think this should be something where the person customizing the character should just type in their preferred height (6’6, 5’9, 6’1, 5’4, etc.) and then the character would become that specified height. Ex. bra-sizes (this may be a little weird to work out on a plus sized body type so there maybe have to be limited options): flat-chested (and no that’s not an insult), extra-small, small, medium-small, medium, large, and extra large.


Yass I agree :raised_hand::weary:

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