"diversity" in episode stories

i’m sorry but the amount of predominantly white characters in episode is ridiculous :skull: are some of yall really that afraid of diversity? some of y’all can hate me all you want but this needed to be said & is definitely not talked about enough. sick of seeing the same mainstream, generic white characters everytime i go into the trending page. period. do better


What exactly do you mean by that?

What I mean is that a lot of stories have different types of races other than the typical white Caucasian. If I remember correctly, then there are stories with North Americans, South Americans, Central Americans, Asians, Europeans, and Africans. Plus others probably

Not trying to be rude, sorry if I come across that way


north, central, south, and european characters do not represent a race. those are all nationalities, considering the fact ANYONE could be either one of those. What I mean is that I’m genuinely tired of seeing white characters dominate the trending page. customizable characters are absolute dog sh*t, so are the token black/Asian/gay/non-binary characters. i just want to see a lot more diversity, even in episode-original stories

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When you say token races, what exactly are you getting at?

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But yes, sometimes the typical caucasian white person does tend to dominate

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token characters are singular characters of a minority of some sort, meaning there could be a token gay Asian, one character being gay & Asian out of the “main character” group whilst the rest are white & straight

Ah, yes. I see. That too, but they are there. Which is a good thing, but I suppose they’re never really the main character.

Would you consider doing a story with me to change that?

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sure thing! i’m also currently writing a story about an african American female, whose in an interracial relationship whether it be gay or straight! although that’s not the main focus in the story i believe the diversity is a really nice touch

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Mmm very.

Do you have instagram?

yes i have an Instagram account, although it’s kind of deactivated ATM bc i wanna take a break from the gram

Ah, understandable. I just personally am more active there and stuff

I’ll PM you

I know! That’s why I made my main characters Latino and African- American . The creators also need a bit more diverse hairstyles in the ink styles :woman_facepalming:

Exactly! My thriller story has a mixed person as the protagonist. I used limited customization as well.


Drop your story so I can read :sneezing_face:

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Not published. But… Sure.