Diversity in story (CC)

Hi! Im a reader, and as a reader who never wrote a story on episode, I would like to know something; when there is a story that include full CC, why is there some eyeshapes, lips, hairstyles etc missing ?

Like is it bc including ALL episode features in customization takes more work / time to code or is it simply a personnal choice of the writer ? (like it isnt gonna take the writer more or less work to include all features)


There’s several reasons that could happen (:

  • It could be a glitch in the CC.
  • It could be due to whoevers template for CC that they choose to pick since some templates aren’t fully updated whereas some are.
  • It’s not very likely, but the author could have removed those features.
  • They could have been removed if the authors script was messing around and it kept saying random features didn’t exist therefore there’s several ways to get round that issue…The author can choose to delete the ‘non-existant/problematic’ features, they can try someone else’s template, they could delete the template to try again since that normally works for some reason (:

Hope this helps answer your question (:


Its a personal choice. Because dara make the CC temple so its just a copypaste for evryone. So its not because its takes work

It could also be outdated, not have been updated with new stuff


oh okay thanks, bc its always the « ethnic » features that are missing (hairstyle “locks”, afro 4C, 3A curls, eyeshape delicate almond etc) and i was wondering why is it always these that are missing?
(and i read recent stories)


thanks for ur very detailled response!!

You’re Welcome (:

Thats weird, i have not notice that is missing often… then again its not what i use so it might be why.

But i dont get why they would have them. Many of those hairstyles rellly pretty, which is the reason why i have Black MC’s in my stories.

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ohh okay
bc i was really wondering if that wasnt maybe due to the fact that the author could be racist and doing this on purpose.
like, sometimes i wanna support a story w/ my gems but bc their story has the problem i mentionned above, im wondering if they racist and therefore, i dont wanna support.
(sometimes in a story the male character can have the 3C hairstyle, but the female one doesnt)


I think it could be because of two reasons:

  • These are the new features and if an author uses an outdated cc template then the template will definitely lack them.

  • Some authors might also do this on purpose. A lot of them say so that readers might not be able to change certain features because those features are of importance to the plot

But yeah, I’ve come across threads earlier where some users said that how some story did not carry the more darker skin tones. Haven’t experienced this myself yet tho so idk :woman_shrugging:

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Lots of ppl can’t find the updated cc. Sum ppl like to just use a script template u can find on the portal which is easier, but not fully updated :sun_behind_large_cloud:


if authors remove cc options wouldn’t that be limited cc?

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