Diversity in your stories? 🤔

a penny for your thought.

Let me tell you what irritates the shit out of me.
seeing and reading WHITE authors portray us POC as something we are not. take notes :memo: please.
stop making the black bestfriend “Ghetto”, “Loud”,”Rachet”, “Unintelligent”. I read these amazing stories but then i come across the black friend as the stereotype verison of us. We are not all loud or “ghetto”. we don’t always talk using slangs (unless mostly likely talking to their friends). if you don’t know how to portray us. then DON’T put us in your stories. i get it adding “POC” of colors get you “views and reads”. but if you are doing it for that reason: the simple thing to say is DON’T.
i would like to say this is my opinion. if you don’t like it. then that’s not my problem :blush:


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