Diversity: Learning about other people

Okay, first off, if this is in the wrong category, feel free to tell me and I’ll move it (I’m not particularly sure as to where this goes)and I didn’t really know what to name the topic either. Also, if there are any topics similar to this that came before me, please tell me. Although, I did search around the forums and I couldn’t find anything.

Okay, so… I wanted to talk about diversity. There are so many stories out there that just aren’t diverse at all or add a few random characters here and there to make their stories seem more ‘diverse’. There are so many different groups of people that aren’t represented on episode, whether it be episode themselves or other authors. I would say I know quite a bit about different people and diversity, but I want to create characters that mean something and that really embrace their differences and represent people well.

Basically, I created this topic to learn about people of different races, cultures, religions, countries, sexualities, genders, people with disabilities, different mental or physical disorders and people with different experiences (tell me if I missed anything). I would like it if people describe what their life is like or what experiences they have had or to educate me on different things. This isn’t just for me, but to educate other people on how to really add diversity into their stories.

I don’t know what it is like to have a disability or be religious or even be of a different gender, but others do and that’s why I’m writing this. I believe this way is better than just googling different types of people and basing it off of that and I don’t want to come off offensive in any way by not being fully educated. I just want to do everybody justice.

I hope what I’m asking for/about makes sense and if it doesn’t then I apologise for not explaining well. I’m really interested in learning about everyone, and I know other people are too. :blush: :heart:

All my love,

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Should I? I didn’t really know because it’s partly episode based, but mostly just about education. I’ll move it now, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Most likely. I knew I put it in the wrong category :joy:

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What specfically do u want to know

Different cultures from around the world, if there are any celebratory/special days for certain groups (such as gay pride parades for the LGBT+ community), what types of experiences other people have has, etc. :slightly_smiling_face: hope this explains it a bit better

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I’m closing this topic because @reverie opened a similar thread on the old forums and was planning on re-doing it on here, but I didn’t know and opened this topic. We are going to re-do this topic together and repost it again soon, so can @Ryan or @Jeremy close this topic please :slightly_smiling_face:

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You got it! :wink: Closed.