Diversity rant **again**


Are you sick of these posts yet? Well people need to hear about it, authors are throwing in the Asians, the blacks, blah blah the list goes on. But do they ever use those characters? And when I say use, I don’t mean the asian kids going like "Yes I love you so much, would you marry me because I am a stereotypical Hollywood generated Indian Nerd, I mean as in using them as main characters, as influential characters with a meaning to the story, but that is pretty rare. And i’m not surprised, society today is like “omg love yourself for who you are” yet photo shopping my bloody ass (sorry going off topic) but I mean they sugar coat everything, blow everything out of proportion, and trying to brush it off or hide it. Well I ain’t taking it anymore (rage quits).


Sorry to those who are forbidden to read the dirty A-word I forgot to blur it :wink:


slow clapping In the film industry, and especially in Episode, POCs are just token characters made to make the MC more interesting. They have no real goals or feelings or personalities like the real people they are meant to represent.


Hi! A thread discussing this actually already exists here! Feel free to share you input there, thanks! :v:t2: