Diversity rant: my thoughts


I am so glad, and so are a lot of other people, that Episode has now upped their diversity standards, however there are still a lot of problems. Some authors just stick (don’t take this into offence) a black person in as the stereo typical role, or the Asian as the nerd, as an Asian, I get very angry when people always make Asians as the creepy nerd!


Totally! And I don’t want to take anyone’s choice to write the story as they see fit, but I’m kind of getting tired of Latinx culture being portrayed as only using Spanish to curse. I understand that not every writer who creates dialgue for POCs is fluent in the language, but please, do a bit more research into the culture your bringing to the forefront, whether a main character or a best friend.
Write what and how you want, but please try and be considerate of others.


I know because at the end of the day you’re portraying real cultures, so at least make it realistic.



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