Diversity Standards: Your thoughts?

I didn’t “want to pretend I didn’t mention a white person”, I forgot I added a white person. Let me correct myself, then.

That’s not how you made it sound here.

And as I tried to say multiple times, we shouldn’t feel pressured to add in a type of diversity that rarely happens (if it even does) in the setting we chose to feature.

All I’m saying is that you could add it. That’s all I’m saying.

And I’m saying I find it more offensive because I believe it is unnecessary and treats minorities like they’re quotas.

If you’re going to add a random Argentinian person in a story about Slovakia and not tell me what made them go there, I would dislike it a lot more than just choosing to set your story in a place where Argentinian people often migrate to.

Or you could, you know, explain why they are there, without making the story about them. Like, I don’t know, supporting characters with personalities.

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But why is it necessary for them to be somewhere that they’re probably not going to be if you consider the facts? If the story isn’t about them, what’s the purpose of them being Argentinian? Nothing other than them being a quota that needs filling.

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I believe both of these points of view have been sufficiently explained and discussed on this thread, if you wish to debate further please consider doing so in PM. Thanks! @Alissonian @ShanniiWrites


Because Argentinean people exist. The writer likes Argentinean culture. The writer has an Argentinean friend… You don’t need a purpose to add someone different. “Oh, what’s the purpose of her being a Satanist in a town of Catholics, if the story isn’t about her being a Saatanist”

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Sure, sorry :joy:


Sorry but I Sweden is not a common place for immigrants! And I see nothing wrong with having a fictional person in a place they’re unlikely to be in the real world. I see no need for an explanation…in fact I’d hate it if the author went out of his/her way to explain someone’s presence like that :joy:

It’s much more common than Slovakia xD and if its a person of an ethnicity that wouldn’t often be in that place, ignoring that it’s unusual is lazy.

Why is it everytime POC diversity is mentioned its a fight?
Short and simple
We need diversity ppl need to be represented and those who get mad at tht are the ones who have always been represented.
We need characters who are characters and not sterotypes and token black/asian/etc characters to mimic diversity.
While we are on the subject yes u can have POC in a fantasy story…which seems to go over ppls heads and make them try to justify why we just dont “exist yet” until slavery is mentioned.


That’s funny because it’s a fantasy story! It doesn’t follow our historical line, so it’s silly to make that argument!

Thats usually the stuff i see x3 ppl try to justify their “logic” “well there arent a lot of POC in Europe etc etc” its a fantasy story stop trying to exclude ppl

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Yeah I try to keep my fantasy story as inclusive as possible! Especially since it’s set in London - there are loads of POC here.

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Please discuss your thoughts on Episodes Diversity Standards here. Thanks!