Diversity: This needs to be heard (again)

Diversity. As most of you know it’s extremely important and it’s been said before and posted before. Episode itself with their featured stories aren’t very diverse, most of the time the story just has the token POC/LGBTQ+ friend and then slap diversity on it. Episode’s team isn’t the only one who has done this though, so have authors. I don’t want to here anyone say “episode cannot control what author’s make” yes, that is true and it’s not episode’s fault these authors do not want to add diverse characters that are not just the token “make this group of people happy” characters and by all means that is not what I am saying at all.

However, it is a problem. If a story follows a group of straight, white, female/males and their one friend that also happens to be a walking stereotype, gay, and also a POC you cannot slap diversity in the description etc.

Not only that but authors lack showing a different cultured white person! That is wild to me bc there are loads of white people that have a culture, whether they be Irish, Italian or anything that’s not American but they don’t like to shown this unless it’s some mafia story which then is a stereotype and unfair

There’s nothing wrong with having maybe a single person in your story who is a stereotype because similar to the real world, there are indeed people who are a stereotype. However, if your story is portraying this certain group of people as that and just that it’s problematic.

Excuses, excuses people always use excuses as to why they cannot add diversity in a story. Now, some excuses are fair but could be learned easily if you just open google and look up problems people go through…

Excuse: I don’t know how to represent the problems they go through.
My answer to this is look it up. Really, it’s easy I’m going to give you something I am highly educated on because I am apart of this group of people.
*Black people, what do we go through. Besides being followed around in stores because we are seen as a threat to humanity, we get pulled over by the police for nothing and when they decide that we were being to “threatening” we’ll get shot and possibly killed. As for that cop? Oh, he’s still working. Who cares if he killed a 15 year old who cares if he kills anyone at all so long as their black it doesn’t matter. Right?

Anyways, diversity isn’t here. I don’t really think it will be here or even on tv ever no one speaks out on it and isn’t told their just “bitching” maybe it will get better but it won’t ever be 100% here.

Anyways give me your opinions on diversity here and really anywhere where people are shown whether it be Tv to social media. And if you read all that thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


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