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Hello! I’m making New Art covers!
If you want art covers follow this and fill up the requirements:

  1. Story name.
  2. Number of characters required in your story .
  3. Every character’s screenshots with some expression Read Note below for more info about the pictures
  4. You can also get an art cover which does not contain any character as such but it’ll have the theme of your story ( Special Art covers)
  5. Description of the story.
  6. Background shades if any according to your story if required (NOT COMPULSORY).
  7. Your Instagram account.

1.If you do NOT want a cover then please do not waste my time!
2.You also have to give me credits(i.e if you want me to make a cover for you then you have to write a line like, act cover credits to @khushi.editz
3.Please make sure that the characters you choose are mobile screenshots with light backgrounds like white .
4.Do NOT crop the photos before sending them to me
5.If you’ve already asked some other cover artist then your request gets declined!

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I’m gonna write my first story so please read LOST AND FOUND .
Its not published yet :sweat_smile:But I’ll publish it in one month.

You can submit me the form as well!
Open the link:
If you use forms please notify me either on this thread or personally!


Well, your are rude, sorry, I need a cover And I Actually don’t have time because I promise my friend that I will publish the story tomorrow can you do fast, I means only In 1 hour???, If you then only I can give u whole details.:hugs::blush::wink::rofl:

Girl! These things take time so calm down!

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Yeah sure I’ll TRY!
Emphasis on the word try!:sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just make it Quick!

Ha ha ha, well Then Thanks.

Can I post it to you in like 4-5 hrs?
You said that you wanna publish the story tomorrow right ?
Anyway then you’ll not be able to get the cover approved by episode team in 1 day.
Minimum 3-4 days are required for approval of any cover.
Anyway send me the deets I’ll TRY :sweat:


Story name:- Untold Darkness
2. Sorry but I want only a character in the background.
3. Well, She is the main character
4. No need
5.You are a serial killer whose parents were dead when she was 12. She was adopted, but one day she ran from her house And meet a boy who make her serial killer.

Send the image of the character after taking a screenshot and attach it

send me the mc doing shush behaviour and one idle one

Ummm…It can’t be possible now, Its 12:00 AM. Sorry, Okay U don’t have to do it… Sorry for wasting your time

Hi! I’m working on my first story and I need Cover Art for my story, If you could help, that would be amazing!

  1. Butterfly Effect
  2. There are two characters.
  3. This story is in LL. The first character is Vanessa, she has Medium Curly (Dark Brown) hair, Face Shape is Heart Soft, Eyebrows are Arched Natural Black Dark, Deepest Almond (Brown Black) eyes, Defined Natural nose, Full Heart Pouty (Brown Gold) mouth, and her skin color is (Brown Neutral).
    The next character is Braxton, he has Wavy Messy (Dirty Blonde hair), Face Shape is Triangle Chiseled, Eyebrows are Straight Medium (Light Brown), Monolid Slender (Blue Aqua) eyes, Grecian Narrow nose, Medium Straight Natural (Fair Neutral Matte) mouth, his skin color is (Beige Rose).
  4. Vanessa and her family move to a new town, at her new school she meets the school’s honor student, Braxton. Braxton has a troubled past, but little does he know she’s going to change his world…
    My instagram is @leanne.stories

Could you please send me the pictures?

How do you want the background to be… any specifications? or something that you expect

Anything you decide is fine!

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I made it without characters as you couldn’t send me the characters!
Sagorika: (Small cover)

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I’ll make a cover and send it to you in 2-3 days time.
I hope that its okay with you.