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Also, I want to know why your sentence doesn’t make any sense.

Make me she is my sister and I will stand up for her. And learn to roast at least at a 3rd grade level. And learn to spell while your at it. Thank you very much.

Let’s not argue! :slight_smile: They made a mistake by using another person’s work. Unfortunately, I have accidentally done this before too. I only use artwork from free and no copyright sites, such as and and I highly reccomend it for future work!

I agree, I think this can’t any good when you argue. So let’s not, should we?

I agree with @cher and @bethanyk14 But I also agree with @Khushi12 Its her thread let her do what she wants and you all do what you want. And @tif_flames we all are friends.So don’t just say that she’s my sister, its ok she is your sister. But you’re just like don’t say anything to her, she is my sister. We re also sister of someone, get are also here but they aren’t coming and filling this thread with messages supporting us. It’s @Khushi12 thread, let her do what she wants. If the community wants to close this they will close this. Why you are poking your nose in this? There are many people here who take backgrounds from net, why are you only telling her. At least she’s doing for free. We are happy with her covers, we are using the covers. Why do you interfere? Please stop this. We don’t want her thread to be cloth

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Please extend courtesy to one another :v:t2:

I inboxed you my characters details, and the details of the art covers as well. If you need more information please let me know.

OKay @tif_flames we are alright now, jeezzzzzzz. Okay, I apologize for what I’ve said. I was just a little angry that you said I couldn’t make covers, which I am actually able to do so. I’m not mad anymore lol so we should ALL become sisters!!! Sorry that I was rude back and I’ll tell my sister to calm down LOLLOLOLOZZZ

And yes, her covers are BEAUTIFUL, but, someone said they were copyrighted and I guess I agreed without really asking @Khushi12 . Sorry, girl.

What on earth I am so lost but okay and hey Zoey!!

WE ALL ARE FRIENDS NOW, TIFANI!!! jeez catch upsss lol


Okay so I’m writing out my characters details and the outfits that I want them to wear so you can have a clear description on how the characters are suppose to look.
The name of my story is Fame Or Love. This story is about a struggling artist, who faces many hardships, misfortunes, and adversaries while pursuing her dreams as an artist. She later travels to a million dollar recording company to pursue her dreams as an artist, only to find out she is later forced to make a sacrifice between fame, and love. Storyline focuses on diversity, and real life experiences that people endure while pursuing fame, and love
I have several main characters in my story but since it’s narrated to focus on a few, I only want two included on the cover. Gifted, and Devon Richardson

Limelight female character details:
Hair: Afro (Black Dark)
Face: Heart Soft
Eyebrows: Round Thin High (Black Dark)
Eyes: Monolid Slender (Hazel)
Nose: Round Flared Upturned
Mouth: Full Heart Pouty (Brown Deep Gold)
Body: Female Generic Skin (Brown Deep Gold)

Outfit for female limelight character:
Choker Floor Length V Neck Dress Grey Ivory
Earrings: Leaf Motif Double Hanging Earrings Metalgold
Heels: Lace Cape Stiletto Heels Leather Grey Black

Limelight male character details:

Hair: Long Dreadlocks (Black Dark)
Face: Diamond Soft
Eyebrows: Straight Medium (black_Jet)
Eyes: Male Generic (Green Emerald)
Nose: Round Wide
Mouth: Full Heart Natural (Beige Gold Matte)
Body: Male Generic Skin (Beige Deep Natural)
Limelight male outfit: Torn Knees Jeans Denim Grey Black, High Top Classic Leather Black, Vest And Shirt Combo Long Sleeve Polyester White

Animations of characters on cover:

@Gifted is sing_warmup_loop

@Devon Richardson is flirt_shy

Description of art cover: I’m not real picky but fame or love should be inprinted in gold font

Gold music notes, and diamonds should be on the cover as well. Background can be black. Red pedals should be on the bottom of main characters feet. You can have them lead to the title to Fame Or Love it’s up to you. You can add things onto the scene from there. Make the cover stand out and be creative.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to do my covers and art scenes I really appreciate it. If it need more information, just inbox me.

My Instagram page is @giftedwrites

Clearly I don’t make friends right off the bat so sorry if I am not feeling the friendship vibe here. Okay first off she is my sister and she sent a text telling my sister to get a life does that sound like something a friend would say to you?? It made my sister angry so no it isn’t okay. Because if it’s rude then why say it?? Isn’t episode supposed to be up lifting well telling someone to get a life isn’t and yeah it’s stealing and people could sue if you steal there work. I mean if you have there aprovell then by all means but taking it isn’t right. And I am poking my nose in because it made my sister upset what Khushi12 said so sorry if I am sticking up for her but you don’t know us. And I am not saying her covers are bad so don’t put words in my mouth and I am protecting my sister from being hurt is that a crime to protect someone you care for?? And I will stop when my sister isn’t being put down. And just because it’s Khushi12 thread doesn’t mean she can pick on my sister. And I am not the only one who says that’s stealing so gets your facts right before you say anything. Thank you very much. It’s my opinion and I am aloud to have it.

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Thanks :blush:

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Now look who’s the one preaching :joy:: Yeah that’ just not right it needs to be stopped.

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Yeah I will. I mean I am not trying to be mean to the people who get covers from her or her friends but getting away by saying that isn’t right.

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lol. At least someone besides my sister gets what I mean.

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This is absolutely funny. I mean, I have a life and I’m living it to the fullest and have been enjoying it until this girl had to copy and stuff. I mean, at least stop saying it’s your work when it’s not @Kushi12 .

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I am out of this girls. Do whatever you all want. I am not going to post again. Everyone has their opinion so this is not going to stop. I just stated my opinion.w