DM's word overlay shop [FREE & OPEN]

Hey everyone! If you need a word overlay for your intro, or for a cool part in your story, I’m open right here! I can only do some fonts but if you have a specific font you want just let me know! ALL COLORS AVAILABLE! Below are some fonts that I like, just in case you don’t have anything in mind!! Love y’all!


Anyone who needs a word overlay can come here!

BUMP! anyone need a word overlay?

Hey I need a ’ To Be Continued…" overlay for the end of my chapters! Is that something you would be able to make?

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of course!! any specific font or color?

can you do a light pink with the number 2 font?

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here’s the overlay!! sorry i got to it so late! let me know if there’s anything you want changed.

Thank you so much!

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no prob! i hope that’s what you wanted, if not feel free to state anything you want changed!

Could I request multiple?

I do

hey question! do you have any kind of flaming font?

can i request “Fueling the Fire” in font 5? in black

Could you put #2 with the words in all caps DISCOVERY

are you still open?

If you need a request, I could do it until @DMD2006 is completing requests again (:blush:

My Examples

Text Overlay Example

Text Overlay Example_Aliandra Font_01

Can you make me a text overlay? I would like one that says “To Be Continued” in purple in the same font as your last overlay

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Sure (:

Here’s your request =

Thank you so much!

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You’re welcome (:

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