DnD story: Can you see the glow? If you want more dnd choices stories this is the one

I want to make a limelight DnD choice story with romance, fight, and lots of funny jokes. I want to make it had three main ending leading into smaller endings if the person where to romance someone. I want to make the reader feel so many emotions,


asdjdf i would love to read it! i am also currently writing a dnd style story!! we def don’t see enough of those on episode

yeah and I like most of those stories but I can not deal with any more of them at times. So, are you good at coding cause my coding skills kinda suck… Wait let me ask do you want to work together.

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omg sure
i learned how to code in 2 weeks during quarantine, im still a beginner tho;;

me too but I am great at coming up with characters luckily they had that new system update where you just need to copy the character numbers

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