Do and Don't in Romances?

I have a lot of questions. :sneezing_face::joy:

How do you like the characters to be introduced?
What would you like to have clarified in the first chapter?
What makes you ship two characters, and what should happen when they meet?
Also, any cute scenes you’d like to see?
What should or shouldn’t be done in romances?

I’d like to have the characters to be introduced while they’re in action. It’s an effective strategy instead of presenting them like “hI tHiS iS MC” (For example, if they’re a surgeon, let us see them during a procedure or if they’re a student, illustrate what kind of student they are and their passions, family etc) as for the shipping and scenes, it’s ultimately up to you. Write what you love or what you think is cute instead of writing for your readers. I recommend having diversity too. It makes the readers and most importantly, minorities connected and feel represented. Please don’t make your characters bland and only pursue love. Make them quirky so it makes the story memorable. :slight_smile:


Thank you, that’s really helpful!
Would you mind helping me out real quick if I PM’ed you and kinda gave you some details on my two main characters?

of course, you can pm me about them! i’d love to hear about their details. I’m glad you found it helpful too! :hugs:

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I would ship 2 characters if they would have a lot of good interactions and if they got along well. I should also be able to imagine them in a healthy non abusive relationship.
You should show some character traits when introducing them instead of the boring “this is MC” thing.
Most importantly: make it seem realistic when they fall in love! Don’t make it like the 194920 cliche stories out there which just use love at first sight for every character/ story, but try having them develop feelings for each other slowly/ at a fitting speed. And don’t force the reader into a relationship with a character if you know that they may not ship these 2 characters.


I 110% agree!

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I like when we don’t get to know our love intrest’s name for the first new chapter, so we gotta work to get his name.
I also don’t like ’ love at first sight ’ I find it unrealistic. :confused: It’s better when the two characters meet well, then they are moving into a relationship.


Makes sense. :grinning:

Also, bump!

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Don’t make them kiss on the first episodes. A huge turn off for me

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