Do any of you agree/disagree with Episode's guidelines?


Hey guys! So I’ve decided to make this thread for many, many reasons. The main one being is that Episode’s guidelines are a threat to many amazing authors out there that contain mature themes in their stories. Recently, Episode has made the app ages 12+ as an age restriction and that is where the issue (at least mine) begins. So with that being said, Episode has created guidelines that will effect almost every trending user story on Episode since they violate these guidelines. So why do I care so much? Well I care because I myself am an author on Episode and my story does contain mature themes and I fear that this will affect the future of my story. Along with that, I also care about the authors that are at risk with this since their stories don’t deserve to be taken down for these unfair guidelines. And of course, my intention with this is to never restrict Episode to younger users in any way shape or form because they have every right to read mature stories as they’d like to. I just want to let everyone know that it’s difficult to write stories with mature themes without having that fear of getting your story removed. It’s happened to many amazing authors unfortunately and I just hope there’s a way to resolve this issue that will accommodate EVERYONE. In my opinion, I think Episode should bump up the age restriction to 15+ or add a shelf for stories that contain mature themes but let me know what you guys think! Thank you for reading my rant I just need to let this out and maybe some of you can relate, I hope.
Here’s are the guidelines I mentioned earlier, it was a post on Instagram:


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