Do anybody love the star and moon at night

I love to watch moon and star at night some time love to look at moon to .love star can create anything you to be and love the cloud in the morning to the create anything want to be. To it fun look at things in sky to .Some time can see shine star to very petty. At night to .when get up in morning watch the cloud to .some they got different shape to.that love about it .do anybody sleep good at night


Yes, I love watching moon and stars.

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Yes love moon star to love watch all the time

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I personally think this is so relaxing!

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Yes very relaxing to help you to sleep good at night to .that love watch star and moon to .

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If want you can put pic up.can tell favorite moon star if want

If you want can put a picture up moon and star up I don’t mind

do whatever you want to, i don’t mind :hugs:

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No mind can put pic up if you want moon and star to

Yes, but there is usually too much ambient light (street lights, etc ) to see it all. You’re supposed to be able to see the Milky Way on a clear night, but it has to be good and dark. You need to be away from the city, out in rural country, or the wilderness. You need to have all lights off, even your own flashlight. Then, you have to wait a few minutes for your eyes to adjust. And then, maybe, you will see the galaxy. One day, I would like to see it like that.


Love that can be good story

I used to look at the moon every night after my granny died

I still do if I take my dog out for a walk

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