Do anyone do custom backgrouds?

If so, please comment on this post so I can give you details down below. I will credit you and follow your insta in return.

This art shop does custom bgs


I do but it depends on if its something I can do what are you looking for.


by costume do you mean like an edited one, or are you expectiong someone to draw a completly new drawn one, you wont find anyone doing that for free. I can but I wont because its too much work, and edited I can do more easy, it takes a full days work. if not more.

I think you need to be a bit spicific, example what is wrong with the picture you are showing there, (is it because its copyrighted)

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so can you please provide more details on what it is you need,

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okay, I would be happy to edit one if you find a background you like, add details, make a night version or such,

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