Do anyone have a LL character which they would like to be put in as a main character in my story?

There is only 1 slot for a male

  •  - -Empty- -

There are 5 slots for females
All empty except 1

Before submitting all the info, please make sure the following rules apply to your character.

  • It has never been used before (not even a background character)
  • You are ok to not be credited (unless I decide to give you a shoutout)
  • It may be in a role that you really don’t like
  • It may not be chosen
  • It is high-school (ish)
  • It has a default outfit that isn’t random
  • It has an outfit

Thanks Guys
You will be credited at the very top of this page if you get chosen.


Name: Alana
Skin: Neutral 3
Eyebrows: Arched Natural (Black Dark)
Hair: Hair Flip (Deep Brown)
Eyes: Female Generic (Brown Dark)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Round Button
Mouth: Full Heart Pouty (Rose Medium Nude Matte)

I’m not quite sure if I used her as a bg character before.

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I’m not sure if it’s been use as a bg character :sweat_smile:

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Name: Sierra
Skin Tone: Gold 02
Brow/Color: Arched Thin, Dark Brown
Hair/Color: Small Bun, Dark Brown
Eyes/Color: Round Downturned Wide, Brown Dark
Face: Round Soft
Nose: Round Button
Mouth: Full Heart Pouty
Never been used as a bg character before :slight_smile:
Outfit (can be changed)
Open Hoodie White Pull Hood Long Sleeve Jacket Cotton Grey Black
Tank Top Basic Short Cotton Neutral White
High Waisted Skinny Jeans Denim Blue Oxford
Strapped Highheel Faux Leather Yellow Cream

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Have you ever shown Sierra (yourself) in your stories at all?

Nope, this is the first time

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Hope I made it in time lmfao

nvm she has been used oof sry

• outfit can be changed.

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How do you make the templates?

i remove the background on the superimpose and put text on phonto.

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