Do anyone know how to add bed scene in story

do anyone know how to add bed scene in the story?

what do you mean?

make character sleep undersheet on bed

This Pov?

Premium Photo | POV of a bedroom on the top floor looking out at raining  city and night

Or this pov?

Premium Photo | Messy bed with white pillow and blanket on bed


oher pov

In that case you need a background similar to it and you will need to crop out the sheets part and upload it in the overlay section

how to upload on overlay

follow these steps
portal>art catalogue> overlays> available to ALL stories>upload to YOUR account>select image

You already created the same topic some time ago and got answers

so if you’re looking for someone to make a code for you, you have to ask about that directly :wink:

Well, I did try it out

But it didn’t work

You shouldn’t create duplicate topics, they usually get closed and/or merged anyways.

Well, I did not work

Heres a link that may help you

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Thank you

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