Do anyone know how to fix it or anyone got that problem

hello ! so my problem is that i can’t type this “@” in the episode portal (pc) and it kind of annoying because i need to copy “@” all the time when i need it… do anyone know how to fix it ?

Why can’t you type it?

idk maybe it a glitch or some stuff like that , but in the other days when i try to type “@” , it doesn’t work

But can you type it elsewhere?

yes but some moment i can’t type “@” in the forum sometime

That’s weird. Maybe the keyboard of your computer has a problem? I don’t know.
Anyway if you aren’t already doing it, after you copy “@“ you can paste it how many times you want by typing Ctrl + V

alright ! thanks for try to help :innocent: !

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Did you keyboard touch any liquid like water or something?