Do choices really matter

I’m just wondering if y’all love/hate/like choices?
Like I love when I’m able to choose outfits but I don’t exactly care about major choices except picking who I want to end up with?

I’m a mix to be honest. Choices that matter are amazing and make you feel you are part of the story, but I don’t care if a story has them or not. I don’t mind having the simple choices, but I don’t mind having the major choices. I guess it just depends how you want to write your story :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with @random_life I’m a mix of both.

I love to make choices and feel like I’m actually influencing the story. But if a story is really well written and directed, yet doesn’t have choices, I don’t even realize half the time and will make it to episode 4, before I’m like wait there are no choices.

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I don’t either, Santana is a good, OG style, story with no complex choices but managed to get A TON of reads.

Choices do matter, without choices we’ll leave Episode.

Like if someone was lgbtq+, there would only be straight choices… and no lgbtq+ choices.
Which makes me feel dead inside.