Do episode approve backgrounds at the weekend

Seems a bit silly to ask but as episode are taking so long to approve backgrounds I wondered if they are open weekends and whether I can expect them to be approved sat and Sundays.

More curious than anything.

Also becomeing mildly obsessed with checking emails :scream:

Quite frankly, I have been waiting three weeks to be approved of a picture, that is merely of clouds, so clearly not copyrighted or anything. I’m getting pretty sick of it and am thinking of submitting a ticket over it


3 weeks is rediculous! I’m sure they’re losing so many readers for the app now - no one can update!

Lol funny after I wrote this they approved. I guess they do read forums after all.
Now I guess two more weeks for the one I uploaded last week.

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Congrats! I’m waiting patiently :sob::sob:

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I’ve been waiting over a week for one background to be approved. The Episode people say they’re backed up with so many tickets that they’re having troubles catching up and that’s why it’s taking forever to be approved. Anyway, to answer your question, I have seen that Episode does approve things on the weekend but very rarely.

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Thanks! I’ve been waiting 12 days so hoping it’s any minute now.

Feel like I’m just checking my emails every 10 seconds.

But without backgrounds - authors can’t update and therefore readers won’t use the platform. So they need to sort it fast

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I understand, I check my emails all the time lol

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ik this is from a long time ago but did they ever approve it? im soo sorry u had to wait a month +