Do Episode or any mods also need something in return?

Hi, guys…
Have you ever think that “Do Episode need anything in return?”. You make threads for Episode to do this and that but do you ever get further and think, “Do Episode ask for anything in return?” Obviously no but We all have ask for Something. Always give stupid threads. Every day We make over thousand or millions of threads. Be kind sometime and at least for one day give them something and please for a day don’t make weird threads.

I want to give the same info for mods too…
I know you respect mods but as because they help you. Think if they don’t help ya or take any action then will you give the same respect to them? Its common , the answer is no. I don’t want to tell you mean or rude but you are acting such like mean . So Make them happy for a day. Write something for Episode and mods too. If they see this topic, I promise they would like the way we do. My words are less to describe them because they really are hard working guys. :thinking: Help me to make them happy by giving likes and reply! :smiley:


i agree we should write something or make a cool project where everyone writes a paragraph or something and we send it to the mods/episode! that would be super cool and hopefully the mods will be happy with it :smile:

i don’t really agree with the stop making threads thing tho, i don’t think there’s anything wrong with making threads. the whole point of the forums is to make threads, that’s why they made the forum, so we can talk, ask for help, etc, stopping our communication on here wouldn’t be very helpful. i don’t think the mods have a problem with us making posts and stuff, as long as it’s with the guidelines.


That’s really kind of you. I just want to tell something else which supposed another meaning. I want to tell some guys, If they have no thread to make Then Don’t make useless or weird threads which make our mods work hard!

oh, i get that! like threads that were already made (duplicate threads), spam threads, and just random ones i agree that they’re pretty annoying :slight_smile: