Do I get copyrighted off Google Image/Pinterest/etc?

Hey guys!
I’m a new writer on episode, and I’m about to write my first fantasy stories.
I’m trying to provide excellent visual experiences for my readers, so I usually opt for high-quality backgrounds found online, usually on Pinterest or other resources where permissions were given to me to use it however I want (not an issue with that) But do you guys know if I’ll get copyrighted off from Google images if I state where they were from? It’s a lil hard for me to find suitable and nice images… Backstory, my story would be a fantasy/Sci-Fi fiction and most of the background would be from the 1800s, and with few pictures of the universe/space. I haven’t really been able to find backgrounds related to that on the forum.
So yeah, I’d really really appreciate it if you would be able to answer my doubts or find me some good backgrounds for my lil victorian-style story !! Thank you so much for your help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

i suggest you try pixabay. it’s all free backgrounds and what you’re looking for might be there. this is the link -->
i hope i helped:)

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Wow, I didn’t come across this website earlier :thinking: I found some pictures to my likings, thanks again ! :heart::heart:

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Most pictures on Google are subject to copyright. You may be asked to remove them from your story after they are published by the owner if they find out, so it is better not to use them. :blue_heart:
(In the worst case, the owner may have grounds to sue you for copyright infringement but this is unlikely if you take it down when they ask, especially since you don’t really profit from using the pictures (monetarily).)
Either way, you should not use pictures that are not copyright free, or that you do not have the rights to use (including most on Google).


I see… alright, i’ll take note of that, thank you ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You can look here!

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Heyy, thank you ! Are her backgrounds charged ? Or that’s only for credit-free usage, i’m quite confused

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From what I understood they’re free to use as long as you give credit. If you don’t want to give credits you have to pay.