Do I need to introduce the MC friends and family?

Hello, I am wondering if I need to introduce the main characters friends and family?
I know you have to introduce the MC and the LI, but do I need to introduce them all?

I mean not really if you don’t wanna bored your readers. But if you want to show them don’t add like the basics like “oh this is my mom Julia she works as a nurse and then this is my friend Aly” and etc.

Just don’t tell the story, show it you know?

Hopefully i made some sense, and good luck with your story.:two_hearts:


I aggre with what @maandy said. I can’t stand stories where the whole set of characters is introduced. It’s just an unnecessary info dump for me :woozy_face: Do it the natural way. For example their sibling comes in and says something indicating they’re siblings, like “Mom said dinner’s ready.” Or Mom/dad referring to the MC as “sweetie” or “honey”. You get the drill :slight_smile: Friends are pretty obious I think.

You don’t have to explain the whole background of your story for the reader to understand the plot. It will happen automatically throughout the story :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.


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