Do I use "goto" in my script or...?

I have a choice as to whether or not my reader wants to customize themselves.
If so I’ll say ok blah blah blah and then let them carry on. But if not, I need to skip the customization and start the story.

I was wondering if I should use “goto” in the script for it to skip ahead but I just want to be sure.

Help plz x :black_heart:

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So you’d create a label after the C.C and if they chose “No” in that choice you’d put goto (thelabel)

Sorry this my first story and all - what are labels? :sweat: Sorry about that.

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So when you make a label you go to a line and put

label Label_name

you usually do that after a scene, so before the scene if your giving a choice and they chose “No I’m fine.” In the choice inside the brackets goto label_name

Ok tysm I think I understand now

Tysm again :black_heart:

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Can read this on labels and gotos:

A label leads to a goto it shares the same name with. You can have multiple gotos leading to a label. However, keep in mind, within your episode, your labels need to have different names, since you want to avoid duplicate labels.

Also, when it comes to giving the reader an option to skip, keep this in mind:

Here’s an example:

Would you like to customize yourself?

goto customize_you
goto skip_custom

label customize_you
#script for cc goes here.
goto skip_custom

label skip_custom
#storyline goes here

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