Do not hit people

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Children who hit children they think they are in love with, you need to deal with them, if your child is a bully, do not allow them to be.

Teach them morals, that they should be good people and not bad ones. Do not put your feelings over their future, if you know something is going on, listen and look for clues to find out what is going on with your child’s behavior.

Number one, instead of thinking it’s cute, we should acknowledge that this is harmful and bullying.

Number two, look at it’s root, why would a child think of hitting when they think they are in love?

Number three, when it happens, instead of telling boys to be okay with it because it’s a girl who likes him, tell him to be alarmed, tell him to not let her hit him and tell him to tell her “If you really cared about me, you’d never hit me! and you hitting me is bad and mean to me, I don’t like it at all!”

Because it’s not okay and if they do it, what if…

Meet today’s topic,

What if little kids that beat up kids they say they like is because they have been abused or have parents that beet each other because they don’t know what real love is?

Bystanders, think it’s funny and that it’s nothing to worry about, just inform the kid that this is not how to get a man.

If you hit them, they'll dislike you a lot

Which some kids may think it makes them want you, but why?
what if they thought their dad beating their mom made her stay?
Like she liked it?
Just dumb.

Either way, if you see a kid doing it, tell them it’s bad to hurt people, especially if you think you like them.

If you see a child is beating up another kid and you find out that child may have a crush on that child tell that child that “if you keep beating that child up that child is not going to like you because that child is getting beat up by you every day” and tell that child that “you don’t really have a crush on him because if you did that means you would actually love him and if you loved him you wouldn’t hit him because in the Bible it says that if you love someone you are kind to them, you don’t envy them, etc.” it’s just like if you follow the rules in the Bible of what love is you’d have a great relationship if it was reciprocated, reciprocated means that the person you giving it to gives it back.

Tell them if they’re doing it because they don’t want that person to get close to them because they were abused and they don’t want to fall in love and get into the same relationships tell them to “stop because you may be doing the exact same thing your daddy or your mommy does to your parent that is being abused.”
Tell them that is bad and that is not how you do it tell them to stay away from that person if you don’t want to get close to them.

You are a bad person by abusing people

Then tell them that basically “just because your parents relationship turned out like that doesn’t mean all of them well, some relationships turn out great,”
And for the people that do think all relationships are abusive and practice abusive actions and Etc. understand number one this is not good you shouldn’t be hitting beating or insulting people .

Number two if you don’t want to get in a relationship like that just don’t don’t hit the person you think you like because you don’t love them you are not in love with him you were never in love with them if you were in love with them you wouldn’t be hitting them.

Don’t hit the people you think you love.
You don’t love him if you loved him you wouldn’t hit him if you could see how much you are hurting him you wouldn’t do it anymore and you probably can but you still do it! If you do and still hurt them, leave them alone and never see them again!

People use beatings to control others

Just because your mom seemed to take it and get back with him and they seem to have they you know some good moments doesn’t mean she was actually happy your dad didn’t love her just because he gave her gifts doesn’t mean he loved her people use that to control people

You need to be nice to people to get them to like you, if they are not in love with you, you cannot hurt them because you are hurt, they don't feel it, they can try, but if they don't want too, you are not in the right to hit them

Do not beat your spouse lover even if you are a child under 13 any age do not beat people up that is wrong and that is bad just don’t do it

You don't understand!!!

Some people are going to say “but you don’t know what it’s like to get hurt by having somebody not love you back” honestly I do have a crush but I don’t want to hit him or abuse him I want to help him I want to be his wife if he doesn’t love me yes it will hurt but I’m not going to hit him or abuse him I mean I won’t be happy doesn’t like me back and you might hate your thought to be lover or you might hate the person you think you like, figure something out you can’t just keep on hating him it’s just a fact of life sometimes people don’t like you back

Meanies don't get girlfriends, they get hated by the girls they are mean to

If you really loved people you wouldn’t hit him or hurt him and you wouldn’t for the betterment of him or her because you love him and to make his life better, you’d help him! if it’s a girl it’s the same thing. if it’s a girl if it’s a boy or girl it doesn’t matter what gender they believe the person that they like, whether a kid or any age group at all it doesn’t matter just be nice


Basically if you think you like like somebody or you think you’re in love with them, you won’t be mean to them or hit them if you actually are in love


Never have I ever hit someone other than my brother accidentally. And I never liked anyone as a child. But yeah I guess this is true some kids could really hurt others…

Guess I shouldn’t have assaulted that cute barista the other day. It’s cool, he knows I’m just flirting.

i posted this because in the media it’s said that kids hit people they like like or have crushes on, then suddenly they get together, it’s not a good message to send to kids that it’s okay as long as you like like them because that may be what the kids get from it.

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And I posted this because I think me and Kevin at Starbucks have a real future together after he gets out of the hospital.

I’m not trying to fight if you got offended, I’m just saying I posted this thread because I wondered what if this happened and I want people to know violence is not love… :confused:

This seems like a very common agreeable statement to make that everyone pretty much understands and thinks themselves, there’s no conversation here, nothing thought provoking or interesting, no unique insights or…new ideas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I’m not offended I’m just being silly because I find the thread silly.

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So with regards to the kids hitting each other, Yes I saw that as well, I don’t think its right either, But to understand the way of what they are thinking they are trying to get your attention they don’t care if its bad or good, they want you to notice them and they don’t care how. (this doesn’t mean I`m ok with it AT ALL)

with regards to kids coping there parents if the witness abuse throughout childhood, yes it can go two ways, they can either break the chain and stop the abuse, or they can continue the chain of abuse. I can see if from both angles
(as again I`m not saying that I ok with any of this either)
for the ones that carry on the chain I think its because that’s what there version of love is.

“What if little kids that beat up kids they say they like is because they have been abused or have parents that beet each other because they don’t know what real love is?”

When you get a typically bully its usually because its happening to them as well
“As again Im not saying I agree, with any of it”.

“Teach them morals, that they should be good people and not bad ones. Do not put your feelings over their future, if you know something is going on, listen and look for clues to find out what is going on with your child’s behavior.”

I agree

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