Do overlays glitch when placed mid-scene?

I am revising an old story and was wondering if overlays put in mid scene glitch?/ Is it a good idea to code that way?
@overlay OVERLAY create
&overlay 5484524617990144_OVERLAY shifts to 137 326 in zone 3 AND overlay 5484524617990144_OVERLAY scales to 0.265 0.265 in zone 3

When I put my overlays mid scene they don’t glitch for me. It’s also best to put them mid scene if you don’t need them at the exact moment (like you are baking a cake and mid scene you can make the cake overlay appear) but at the end it is up to you.

I think the glitching depends on where you put the overlay code in your coding and on what you have after it

Okay thank you! Sometimes it glitches when I look on my phone, but it might just be me. :smiley:

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