Do paid art shops work?

Well, I have seen many paid art shops on the forums, and almost all of them have 2-3 requests. Most of the replies are – “your style/arts are beautiful” – so, do paid art shops really work on the Episode forums?

@Sydney_H, hoping this is the right category. Please place it in the right category if not.


Hi! Most commission artists prefer to be found on instagram and won’t take many requests off the forums because these artists do art for things besides episode as well.


Like for what else?

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I haven’t gotten any commissions through my actual art shop on the forums, but I have gotten a very few by watching for threads looking for commission artists, and if they’re interested we usually speak through Instagram since they go there to see more of my work.

I do think having a shop on the forums is a good idea regardless in case someone searches for shops, and you can bump it so more people can see it. Just my opinion :slightly_smiling_face: