Do peope still read episode?

I had a story on episode a few years back and I want to start writing again but idk if people still read episode and if it’s worth it


People do still read on episode actively.

If you’re writing, you should write for you not others.


Hey simpxzee,

Yes, people still read episode. I agree with @louisewrites, it’s still worth it to write for episode.

And ignore the drama. If you love to write, don’t stop writing because of one negative comment of a reader. Be nice to the readers, but also don’t let them be rude to you. It’s your story, so you decide what happens in it and no one else.


I’m starting to get back into reading on episodes myself. I agree with both @AngelWings1983 and @louisewritesbecause I personally think writing is worth it but don’t write something that is only about other people liking it because I’ve learned that if you are worried about what other people think about your book your just going to loose motivation so much faster and want to stop updating the book. There are going to be some people who don’t like your story and that’s okay because everyone has their opinion but when someone says they don’t like it, etc move on you can always revamp it but done feel like you need to write or revamp for anyone.


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Wow. I felt that. :blob_hearts: Such good advice.


I agree, but, it’s tough for us, authors as, it slowly starts demotivating us. :confused:


Go ahead and write. I never worry about how many reads I get and I write purely for fun.


I know because I am a writer myself. I know negativity can hurt and demotivate, but remind yourself about those who really love to read your stories. They are more worth it than the negative comments.

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Yeah :heartbeat: