Do people like spotilight stories?

I have written in both formats, but I’m most proud of my spotlight story (Love’s a Game). I was wondering what people thought of the format and whether it would be worth it to rewrite my story in cinematic style?!


Here’s my story if you want to check it out
Title Love’s a Game
Plot After a devestating breakup you join America’s biggest dating show. How will you survive your newfound fame?


I like spotlight… for certain storylines… I don’t think it quite works some ideas people have and I can understand why people don’t read it/like it. I think in cinematic, it’s easier to show what you’re story is about, but spotlight often requires a bit of narration, which for a lot of people is hard to get right without just becoming a massive info dump.

To answer your question though… I personally wouldn’t recommend re-writing it in cinematic, but that’s just me. I don’t like seeing different versions of the same story (spotlight, ink, limelight, classic, etc.). However, in saying that, it’s kind of a given that a cinematic version of a spotlight story will do better, so it’s really just up to you. If you want to do it in cinematic, go for it.


If I’m being completely honest, I don’t stay as interested in spotlight style stories for long. :disappointed: I find it less natural and often struggle to follow some of the interactions, so I prefer the cinematic version. And although I think @amberose makes an excellent point about seeing the same stories over in different styles, I think that if you’re looking for more readers you may accomplish that better with the cinematic re-write. That may prove to be pretty daunting though, especially if you’re already proud of your story as is! :grin:


Yes I love it!! I read the myshelf app and it’s all in spotlight and I love it just as much :smiley:


I 100% see your point about re-editing the story, it would feel like a waste of time to rewrite it.

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I think the story works best in a spotlight form, because there are so many characters in each scene and it’d be really hard to direct! Maybe after I have more practice I’ll try cinematic again!

That’s so good to hear!

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