Do people prefer long episode stories (about 50 chapter stories) Or shorter ones (20-30 chapters)

  • Long-(40+)
  • Short-(30 or less)

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I would prefer short stories but tbh long stories are cool too as long as the story isn’t being dragged out :blush:


nither of those are short.

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I cant wote for 2 reasons

  1. for me short story is inder 15 chapters so both 30-40 re long stories
  2. I do not mind at all the lenght if the story s good written…I am bit suspeciouse about wery short stories lik 3-5 chapters… because I like character development and am bit fearing that 3 capters are not enough to make good story - but actually I never read such short story so I might be wrong about it. :slight_smile:

Lengths of my top 5 favourite stories:


:woman_shrugging: I guess that’s my answer.

That’s definitely not to say that every story between 40-50 eps is good, or that every one below that is bad, just that those 5 authors had enough plot and character development to fill 40-50 chapters. They had complex plots and a lot of ideas, which is why I liked their stories in the first place. A story that stuffs eps with filler, no thanks.

My story, for example, takes place almost entirely during a 2-hour event. If I tried to stretch that into 50 eps, it’d be a mess. :woman_shrugging:

So for sure don’t plan your story based on meeting certain length requirements. Plan the plot, and the number of episodes will sort itself out.

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Short with longer chapters if that makes sense

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I prefer longer ones but it really don’t matter to me if it’s a good story I’m going to stick it out

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