Do people read episode spotlight


Do you write on mobile?? I have never heard of a line limit on computer.


well of course people read it, lol.


You know it’s quite funny I haven’t seen a story set in spotlight in a while. I like it as not many authors are skilled in directing but they are skilled in the story plotline and the actual writing aspect. Spotlight provides all authors with the oppertunity to get involved.


I just saw this and I’m guessing it was directed at me?
I write on the computer. There is definitely a line limit lol although I believe it’s more of a data/command limit. For my LL story, I maxed out one of the episodes at just 7500 lines. For my spotlight story (also LL), I couldn’t get past 8200 lines. But for one of my INK stories I got to nearly 11k with no issues :woman_shrugging:. The limit has recently been increased though.


I like Spotlight… I just know that nobody reads it, so I do my best to direct. If the storyline is good, and if it’s not a grammatical disaster, the art style and direction style shouldn’t matter.

Also, I don’t think it’s fair to call Choices a rip-off of Episode. Choices stories are a lot better written, for the most part.


Spotlight uses the same format as the app Choices (if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically like Episode but without the directing and user stories :stuck_out_tongue:) and I couldn’t get into Choices because there was no directing. I, personally, wouldn’t read Spotlight. I have also never seen a Spotlight story before on Episode.


Personally, I hate it, but I do keep up with one story I particularly like that’s spotlight. So I guess if the writing and story is good enough, I’ll read it😀


I personally prefer the original style a lot more than spotlight, it’s crucial that spotlight has an amazing plotline otherwise it can flop really easily…


I feel the same way!


I agree. One thing with writing in spotlight is that you can’t “use” directing to make your story better so the plot, dialogue and narration all need to be on point! It’s actually very challenging.


I find it hard to write in spotlight. I mean, without having both characters on stage to speak to each other and having them go back and forth. I find it easier to get their emotions while they are on stage.
Then again, obviously time will be saved from directing (unless you plan on making the episodes longer) and stuff, and the main thing to edit would be the grammar, plot line, and zooms.


Actually Choices was a thing in the early 2000’s, so technically choices came first before epsiode


Pixelberry, the company that created Choices, has been around since the 2000s. Pixelberry’s app Choices was not created until 2016.


Yes, Pixelberry was apart of EA games. They created story telling games like episode and choices in the early 2000’s ! Look it up! Games like Choices been around so episode is basically a rip - off from that not the other way around.


First of all, I never said anything about anyone ripping anyone off. Second of all, all I literally said was that Episode was made before the Choices app, which is true. Yes Pixelberry has had story telling games since the 2000s, but Choices was not created until 2016 whereas Episode was created in 2014.