Do people still read INK?

So, I was writing a story in INK a bit before LL was added. I took a break and never really came back to it until now. Reading it over again, I think it had a lot of potential and I already put so much work into it.

I’m not sure if I should continue it though since I’m not sure if a lot of people read INK anymore. I personally love INK but I’m noticing most of the new popular stories are LL.

Do people still read INK stories?


Most of the stories are in LL because it’s new, has so many exciting features but I don’t care Ink or Limelight as long as it’s a good story with plot, direction, sound effects, graphics etc. I just don’t like Classic :joy:


This is true. You would probably get more reads if you publish your story in LL, but there are readers who really appreciate INK stories, especially now that they are getting harder to find. So if you prefer it in INK, you should go for it.


There’s a lot of people who still love ink. However, Ink doesn’t have what LL does (more clothes, animations, props, etc). I believe that the style you decide to write indoesn’t matter at all; what’s really important is that you feel comfortable writing in whichever style you decide and to put as much effort as you can just so your story has your touch and make it Unique


I love Ink more than LL to be honest :joy: But it’s your choice :wink:


yes people still read ink. I even still read classic. for me it depends on if the story is good


Girl my first story was in INK ofc i did shift to LL but i came back to where i started. AND YES both INK and LL are equally being read by many people! You can add me in that list lol. SO yep they def do and most popular stories are in INK lol so yep def a fan of INK always and i dont hate LL btw.

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Honestly, I prefer Ink over LL. I don’t really read LL stories unless it’s for R4R.
Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult now to find Ink stories I find interesting :sob:

of course!!! I READ ALL STYLES!

I read any type of story

Personally, I read all styles. But the actual story will make me continue or stop, styles don’t affect me- just the story, character development, plays a huge factor for me as a reader.

  • Ink is my favorite style at of the three. It’s just- iconic.
  • Unpopular opinion, but I actually really enjoy some classic stories! Yes, there is extremely little customization for characters, (and the readers can’t have cc) yes, the closet might not be as plentiful as limelight or ink, yes, the characters may not be everyone’s taste, but nevertheless I still do really enjoy classic in stories and writing! (especially fantasy! The CLOTHES & ANIMATIONS!)
  • Limelight is, unfortunately, my least favorite. (I know, shocking.) Now, Limelight is in no means a bad style, it’s just not my preferred style. Some animations look- really dead, but that’s probably because the characters are more realistic. (But come on, see how the males cry in limelight? Uh uh.) However THE CLOSET! The amount of clothes, animations, it’s all great! Oh, the HAIR!! I guess, it’s the animations and other things that make me, feel eh in limelight. But I have read great stories in limelight, so before I was more hesitant with limelight, but now I’m more open.

In conclusion, write in whatever style you want! It doesn’t matter to me, just the actual story.

Uhm yes

I personally barely ever even read anything. But when I do, it’s usualy LL. Sometimes I might read INK.

But there are a lot of peopel who still read INK and won’t read LL

Even though LL is more recognized nowadays, ink is still popular! I love to read ink!

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I personally don’t but I know a lot of people do

Girl I only read ink! :pensive: LL lOOKIN like a crackhead on a pogo stick and that’s on clownery luv


Haha, i don’t know if I am the only one but i prefer ink. I dont like LL that much and i dont read storys with LL.

Sorry I’m kind of late on this topic but I love ink stories they are my main preference I only recently started reading LL stories since there was barely any ink left on the app. I’m even writing my own ink story it’s called The Hidden Truth under the account name samanthac.epi. Sorry for self promoting (lol sorry not sorry​:joy::joy::joy::grin::wink:)

I have a lot of friends who complain to me because ink is not as common and all the stories they want to read ends up being LL. I also think that. So yes they are but LL has more options so people use that to write stories

For me, personally, I’ll read all stories as long as the plot is good… no matter what style.

I will say though, I prefer INK over Limelight. To me, INK just screams Episode. It was the most popular style at Episode’s peak. And people usually associate the ink male bad boys with Episode. So, for me, I guess it’s more of a nostalgia thing.