Do people want less bad boy romances and more unique stuff?

Do people want to have bad boys and crime or more unique and different things? Like supernatural stuff trying to take down a demon, everyday problems, wars, depression, etc?

Or maybe both? Like, a depressing story where everyone hates you, your dog dies blah blah blah, but later on in like ep 7 or 10 someone comes into your life and lightens it up? Blah blah blah-

What would you rather?

  • Bad boys and danger/crime ;’)
  • Unique, different, non bad boys and crime stories :ghost:
  • Both in 1 but less cliche :smiley_cat:

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Share your opinions below! <3

I hate bad boys. I prefer good boys who are well respected and have good grades.

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It really varies. I have no idea, I will read anything, soooo…

But in all honesty I don’t feel like I care. I can write something that is similar to a “bad boy” thing, but it also depends on what the reader them self on what they classify as a “bad boy” character.

Especially if the character that is imaged as that can be complex.

I hope that made sense…

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