Do readers like Custom Characterization a lot?



So, I’ve been meaning to start another story. In my first one, I didn’t include any sort of CC. Does it attracts more readers or affect the attraction of more readers if I don’t do CC again or should I do it for this one? I’m really double-minded so I need some suggestions please :sweat_smile:


Personally, I dont care. I’m more concerned about plot, personality, and romantic options.


You can check out what lots of people think in my topic here as I was asking the same question. :slight_smile:


I really don’t care as long as it’s a good story. I have also been thinking the same as you, but I find it hard to write if you use CC cause then descriptions of characters wont be the same


I actually enjoy limited CC more than CC. Limited is where you offer small choices such as specific shade of blond hair or specific shade of brown eyes.


All your opinions were really helpful! Thank you so much for helping me out with this. I liked @Starlynn idea of limited CC so that the readers are given at least a little freedom to choose their characters’ looks. I definitely agree with @MissTerryWriter that it’s hard to write if we use CC but I’ll work it out somehow I guess lol. Again, thank you guys!


Unpopular opinion: i like CC and only read CC stories but thats probably due to the fact that most MCs dont look like me i prefer “self insert” types of characters. I find small customization annoying i feel that if u include very little changable features u may as well not allow custom characters(not you specifically but writers in general


@Akanksha I think most people do enjoy customization. But for me? Nah.

Sometimes, I feel like character customization ruins the story. To be honest, I never cared for it and I’m not a fan of it at all. In fact, whenever I am offered customization, I always skip it by leaving the character with its default settings.

Why? Because I want to play the story/the character as the author intended it to be.

Also, most of the time, I can feel a little frustrated when it comes to naming our characters. I don’t like naming them either because I feel like it takes away from the uniqueness of who and what the character is supposed to be. I’d rather have a set, unique identity for them. In the past when I did customize/name my characters, I usually felt less connected to them rather than not customizing/naming them. Sometimes I do feel connected, but not always; that’s usually rare for me.

Also, I think it distracts the reader away from the story, plot and character development itself (by spending more time on customization instead), which is way more important than customization in my opinion. :slight_smile:

Just my thoughts on this.


Well none of my stories include character customization but still people look forward to it,I guess readers look forward to a story that has a good directing and plot but at last it’s all upto you. :wink:


I think the thing about Episode’s “Choose Your Story” slogan is that the reader should be able to choose their story. When I start a story and can’t change my name, let alone customize my character, it’s very hard for me to relate to the story and I may become disinterested.
Of course, I would keep reading if it was a good story. I can’t customize my story in books or TV shows, but I still read and watch them. I personally just find customizable stories way more fun to read.
I can understand why a lot of stories wouldn’t have it, because the customization codes take up too many lines and the web preview won’t load in the editor sometimes, but that’s just my take on it.


If you want to keep the character a certain way let the reader change some options for example u want the character hair stay a darker colour just let the reader customise using the darker hair colours so at least they have some personal touch


So I see that there are mixed opinions. How would you all like limited CC so that the people who like have the change to change them a bit but the ones who don’t, they can just keep them the way they were as default. Or another idea could be to just not include CC at all. Thoughts?


no as long as the character is not hideous i will read the story. I care more about the plot. But I do prefer my characters to be brunettes but thats just me lmao


Yeah like, in a normal book, the author doesn’t just leave a blank space there to mentally add your name, it’s silly!



I don’t care but I don’t think authors should put cc because the author creates there characters like that for description so it makes the story engage the reader


Honestly, I hate stories with cc. I just want a good plot with characters with a diverse set of personalities, looks, and cultures. *(The most vital part of a good story in my opinion)
For example, if I read a story with cc, I’ll just automatically believe it’s some cliche with a predictable plot. Unless the description entices me, hehe no thanks cc!



I really enjoy the limited CC! Go for it


no i prefer that the love interests aren’t customized because it leaves some originality in the story. As for the mc I just care about certain features I want to change.


I don’t really care as long as the story is good.


Well do as you wish, whatever first comes to your mind from your heart. But in my opinion and experience CC attracts more readers. Yes many people don’t bother but most bother. So my suggestion is give CC.