Do readers like customization?

Hi, I’ve been writing stories on Episode for a long time now, but I’ve never published them or gone through with my ideas.
I’m wondering if readers like customization or if they prefer having set characters. What do you prefer? Please let me know.


its very 50/50. many dont like to do it. mean while there is others who will refuse to read a story no matter how good it is if it dosent have cc


I would recomand to add customization.

The one who do not need it just skip it and go on reading while the one who insist on CC might not even read the story if there is no customization.

But on the other hand there are really famous stories without CC so CC is not the major factor which makes reader to stay with the story - at the end it is always good writing and good story which does keep them reading.

so if you feel like you do not want to have CC I would not worry that much about it.


Well some people like customization some poeple don’t
But I like customization because than I could play a story and I feel that I am in the story!!

And that’s just a nice way to make choices in the story that you want because it’s your character

But do whatever you want to do it will be your story!!:grin:

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Some do and some don’t. Just add customization and the ones who don’t like it can easily tap, this is perfect or done or whatever in less than a second.

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I usually add a character customization with a “canon” appearance for the MC- basically how I myself have decided he or she looks. Then I tell the reader “This is (name)'s canon appearance. Do you want to change him/her?” If yes, they go on to customize as usual. If no, they skip it and there’s no harm and no foul.

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I think most readers like customisation but there’s a lot of people who will still read a story without CC. The thing is that people who want CC will let you know and are often very rude/abrupt about it. ie. “The main character is so ugly, let us CC.” or “Was going to read this story until I saw there’s no CC.”


Thanks everyone for the feedback. I’ll add customization. Should I make all characters customizable or just the main one(s)?


I used to only read stories with CC but then I got super tried of it and because I never really like to read reader insert stories also the character will never do with I would do in their situation so I just leave them as they were


I personally have a hard time getting into the story if I can’t CC family too. I don’t particularly get too butt-hurt over the love interest/s or friends. But sometimes the families never match the MC or they all end up looking like they’re siblings instead of Mother/Father…but that’s just me.

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I would suggest to only do the main ones, but make it so that family changes skin tones, lip colours, hair texture along with the MC


please do not.


That’s what I meant. Anyone who is mixed (or just naturally a different hue from their parents) will not match. Hence looking like siblings… but this is just my personal experience and my thoughts when I play.

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