Do Readers Still Lose Gains When You Update?

Someone recently told me that as an author, when you go back and edit and update an episode, readers who have already read the chapter but are more than one episode ahead (ergo, won’t be able to re-read it) lose any gains, points, etc that they might’ve gotten in the episode.

I know this was an older issue when I started writing, and I swear they had just fixed back then. But I’m not sure now since they told me this recently and wanted to confirm.


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I don’t really know, I’d put a choice at the start to skip the chapter if the reader has already read that, so it won’t mess up with anything.

I mean I do that, though what I’m talking about is what happens if say you update episode 5 and a reader on episode 10 doesn’t get to re-read it? Did they lose any gains or points they would’ve got in episode 5 because it updated?

I know how to add skip buttons, that’s not my question. What I’m saying is if you have episode 5 that needs an update and you have readers on ep 10 right? What happens if you just change a spelling error or something, and update the episode. Will the readers on episode 10 lose any gains or points they already had because according to the portal the episode is completely updated and therefore could have completely different content? Even if it doesn’t?

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@Dara.Amarie we kinda need your help here! :heart:

Oh wow, I’ve never really thought about this before :open_mouth: my story heavily relies on gains and point system so maybe I should stop adding the skip button…

I don’t have the exact answer, but take it from previewing your story. When you add a new scene and the episode starts from the beginning, it automatically resets any point/gain you had earned from previewing it before.

Since we don’t really know the answer to this, what I’ve been doing is adding in a gain at the end of every episode.


Then, use the if command at the start of that episode to take them to the skip page.

goto SKIP
else {
goto EP4_STORY

That way, if they’ve gone through the episode as they should have, they have the chance to skip it with their gains intact - but if everything got reset, then they have to re-read the story to get the proper gains. If that makes sense?

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I’d say only in EFC, since it’s not about coding help. You’re trying to get a feel on what’s happening with a certain issue, not offering coding advice or tips.

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Okay so, I clicked on ep 3 of your adventurous story (I’ve read it previously, it’s really good if I haven’t told you already) and it didn’t take me a skip option… So it seems it didn’t keep any gains I got as I previously suspected. But! I wonder if it would have also gotten rid of my gains from episode 3 after it updated, if I was say, on an episode 6 instead of episode 3.

Like if I read episode 3 and I’m on episode when it gets updated my gains are reset… but it’s okay cause episode makes me re-read.

So if I’m on episode 6 and episode 3 gets updated are my gains for that episode (episode 3) still reset because the episode has been updated?
Do I lose out on my chance to get those gains forever because I’m on episode 6 now and can’t re-read episode 3?

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I haven’t put it in any of my published stories yet :joy:

Oh :confused: welp the mystery remains

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I… didn’t know this was a thing :flushed:
I’ve edited previous episodes and never had anyone yell at me that their points decreased (I have point checkers at the end of my episodes) so I hope not? lol

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