Do someone need this art pose? [Offering for free]

Long story short I made a sketch for one of my upcoming story.
but later on I came up with a better idea and dropped this one.
So, I just don’t want it to go in vain lol

This is the SKETCH

I will change the
canvas size
Facial feature

However I have some rules
  • You informing me that you need this art doesn’t mean it will be yours, The last decision will be mine whether I want to give this art to you or not!
  • If you have insta than please kindly follow me there tessa_art.28
  • Must give me credit if I chose you to give this art!
  • If I don’t choose you to give this art then please don’t be sad or anything!!

This is how my other cover/sketch turned out, just so you can get an idea how will I color it (the shading and all

The cover I came up with later on

And no!! This post has nothing to do with my Art shop or my Art thread, I just want this one art to give free cause I don’t want the sketch to go in vain!!! so, JUST DON’T FLAG IT OR ANYTHING!! :sneezing_face: :pray:

And it’s not same as I am only offering the only one art that too for Free as I do not offer any free art in my that thread. just this one single sketch!!


heyy i would love this sketch fits my character if you want to that’d be greatt love here is my cc

here the hair is longer like in the sketch

Heyy I would love this sketch too if you are able to do it for me as well! If you’re still interested I can give you the details later just dm me <33

I think you should keep it because it looks very good, maybe it can be a splash or temporary cover.


Just a quick question, What will you do with it?


No, I don’t need it tbh. bcz I have got lot’s of other arts for the story.
Plus, I think it doesn’t suit the story best. (I mean there is no role of that… uk?.. that stick thing) in my pov.

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heyy, i will make it my story’s outro (the crystal answer’s)

For me I will be using it for an art scene in the story.


Send me the details and a close up pic. Of your char.
And let me know the exact hair style.
Plus, if you want the clothes change.

:relaxed: Just dont forget to follow the rules :point_right:t2::point_left:t2:

:point_right:t2::point_left:t2: Better luck next time girly, maybe I will do it again? :smiling_face_with_tear::kissing:

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That’s okay. Thank you anyway!

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@Sydney_H Can you please close this thread? :point_right:t2::point_left:t2: Thankyou so much! :hugs:

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Closed by OP request :smiley: