Do subliminals work?

Hey guys!
I’m 5’3 (162 cm) and I’ve reached my adult height. Where I’m from I’m considered very tall and I hate it. I’ve seen multiple people who say they use subliminals that make you shorter. I tried a few and my legs started to hurt. Do these subliminals work? Should I use them?

in my opinion, it just messes with your brain and makes you think you look/feel different lol. i clearly wouldn’t know.

Anything that makes you shorter unnaturally that isn’t recommended by a doctor most likely isn’t safe for you, especially if it gives you physical pain

Girl c’mon men like short girls they can twirl and tall girls who have goddess like legs that they can salsa with. Own it girl!
Then there’s me average…

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Exactly. Don’t be shamed!^^^ (but who need a man when you have food)

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If you don’t mind me asking where are you from that considers 5’3 tall. But I say own it there’s nothing wrong with people being tall

I’m 13 and almost 5’7 and In my country I think it’s average I’m not sure tho

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Lol I’m from Bahrain and it sucks here cause the average female height is 4’11 and I’m basically taller than all the kids at my school.

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